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    Does your child sometimes have trouble understanding spoken information? Have tests shown her “hearing is fine” yet she is not reaching her learning potential? Can’t quite put your finger on the problem? It may be a hearing disorder. The SoundSkills team of experts can diagnose and treat Auditory Processing Disorder (APD). We can help children with APD hear and learn. Read more

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    Increasingly, SoundSkills is seeing adults for assessment and treatment. This section of the website is under development. Much of the information contained in the website is relevant for all ages. Please contact the clinic if you have any specific questions regarding our services for adults. Read more

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    Health Professionals

    Often misdiagnosed as dyslexia or other learning disability, APD requires specialised testing, assessment and individual treatment. We provide advanced diagnostic and treatment services to assist you with patients with APD. Treatment includes: auditory training therapy, language therapy, assistive listening devices and remote microphone hearing aids. Read more

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    Education Professionals

    Does a child in your classroom have difficulty comprehending and retaining auditory instructions, become easily distracted or even disruptive, struggle with spelling and reading? Our Education Adviser can work with you on optimal teaching strategies, IEPs, and trial and use of assistive listening equipment such as RM hearing aids. We can help your students achieve their best. Read more

  • When the brain doesn't hear

    Children with APD find it challenging to take in the spoken message and make it meaningful. This problem with interpreting and recalling messages leads to problems in learning.

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  • Hearing skills for sound learning

    SoundSkills is a specialist multi-disciplinary diagnostic and treatment service for children and adults with Auditory Processing Disorder (APD).

Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) is a hearing problem which occurs not in the ears but in the hearing pathways or hearing centres of the brain. The ears may process sound normally, and the person may pass ordinary hearing tests, but the brain has difficulty interpreting what is heard. This type of hearing loss adversely affects understanding, especially in difficult listening situations such as when there is other distracting sound present, or when listening to complex information or instructions. As a result learning is usually affected.

APD may occur in conjunction with other disorders such as:

  • Dyslexia
  • Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

APD often causes or is associated with:

  • Phonological awareness problems
  • Language disorder
  • Reading disorder

More Information

SoundSkills is a specialist APD clinic staffed by a team of APD experts in audiological diagnostic assessment, speech-language diagnostic assessment, and treatment of auditory disorders drawn from the professions of audiology, speech language therapy and special education.

SoundSkills was established by audiologist Dr Bill Keith to provide improved APD services in this neglected and under-funded area of hearing services.

More Information

SoundSkills specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of APD for adults and children, providing the support of a multi-disciplinary team of experts. Our qualified professionals in audiology, speech-language therapy and special education are all on-site and able to provide the full range of services required to effectively diagnose and manage APD, from informational counselling for the client, their family and teachers, to auditory training and language therapy and fitting of remote microphone and conventional hearing-aids.

For Children, we also carry out school visits to involve schools and teachers in APD management. We work as an expert team to provide the best possible outcome, support and care for APD. Our methods are based on sound scientific research, adapted to suit each individual. APD diagnosis and treatment is our focus, so our clients can be assured of the care of the most comprehensive and specialised APD team in New Zealand. We can provide referral for other assessment as required.

SoundSkills is one of few such specialist APD clinics world-wide. Through our close links with universities in New Zealand and overseas we keep up with the latest scientific research in APD from around the world ensuring that our diagnosis and treatment services are evidence-based and cutting edge.

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