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1 in 20 children has APD. Does Yours?

Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) is a hearing problem which occurs not in the ears but in the hearing pathways or hearing centres of the brain. The ears may process sound normally, and the person may pass ordinary hearing tests, but the brain has difficulty interpreting what is heard. Thanks to the human brain's remarkable ability to learn new skills, APD is treatable.

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If you know a child who has difficulty understanding verbal instructions and struggles with reading and spelling, they could have an auditory processing disorder.

Common signs of APD include:

  • Difficulty comprehending spoken language unless brief, clear and simple.
  • Hearing difficulty against other background sound.
  • Poor listening skills.
  • Slowness in processing spoken information.
  • Poor auditory memory (difficulty attending to and remembering spoken information).

At Soundskills our qualified professionals in audiology, speech-language therapy and special education are all on-site and able to provide the full range of services required to effectively diagnose and manage APD.

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At SoundSkills we are extremely dedicated to our mission of diagnosing, treating and raising awareness about APD. SoundSkills specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of APD. We provide the support of a multi-disciplinary team of experts and are one of only a few such specialist APD clinics world-wide.

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"We thought you would like to hear that we attended a school interview and learned that [our son] has been taken out of the special learning support group as his standardised test scores (PAT) are now above average. His progress has been very fast. Those hearing aids are obviously doing an amazing job.”