APD Expert Appointed Professor at University of Auckland

Twelve associate professors at The University of Auckland have been promoted to professor, which is a mark of distinction, recognising professional and academic eminence at an international level.


Professor Suzanne Purdy (Department of Psychology) is Head of Speech Science which she established as a discipline at the University in 2003. Speech Science’s Master of Speech Language Therapy Practice, a first for New Zealand, was accredited in 2005.

Her research on hearing loss, cochlear implants, auditory electrophysiology, treatment of auditory processing disorder, language disorders in children, brain injury, stuttering and noise in the workplace spans many aspects of speech science and communication disorders and has appeared in leading journals.

Her research on identification and management of hearing and auditory processing in children has had considerable international and national impact on clinical practice.

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by Krissy Dwyer, University of Auckland appoints twelve new professors
The Education Weekly Feb 2011