Adult with APD endorses audio simulation created by SoundSkills and MediaWorks

People with APD say that speech seems fast, fragmented and confusing, and that any other sound can seem to drown it out.

They often hear the start of a sentence or paragraph but understand less and less as it progresses.

People with APD also mishear some phonemes or speech sounds, they sometimes jumble the order of sounds, and they may miss pitch or intonation cues that add meaning to conversation.

They may also have difficulty localising the direction of a sound. 

SoundSkills and radio network MediaWorks have recorded a simulation of some of these effects.  

They speeded up and jumbled a passage of speech, changed some of the phonemes, drowned out a section, and separated it into fragments.

Click to listen to an Audio Simulation of APD Click to listen to an Audio Simulation of APD (3423 KB)

The simulation has resonated with one adult with APD who, comparing it to her hearing without hearing aids, comments ...
“Brilliant simulation!! It really is very accurate – it is quite phenomenal that you have been able to simulate APD so well”.